ankle-winged Word Thief flutters ~

orbiting The Muse

wicker creel on shoulder

stealing words off succumbing tongue, from depraved pink lips

collecting manifestos, dispatches, commands, lexeme-threads for unborn poems.

deliciously spilled onto insatiable empty page

deciphering their tangled satisfying meaning

blustery afternoons, elven queens, entangled roots, deep set red brick walls, swim in halo eyes outside time and space, float and dream, bask in caressing warmth, a vision, possibility, sensuality. Mythological building blocks held down on the table ~

kaleidoscopic paper spun round

allowing entry inside

to new worlds.


Gleipnir bindings hold winged ankles fast to Little Deaths.

faultless weapons handling in niche darkness.

stiff bow

arrow loosed

raining towards purposed destination

crossing through streaks of bright light

fleshed out totemic monument pierces orienting Dionysian-natured North Star

drowning inspirational beacon in gratification


seeking simultaneous orgasmic release of the lore-neuron

greedy minds shine with mythic legend veneer

wandering the halls around midnight

for satisfying heights of pleasure

organic and ever-changing panoply of wonders and sensations

lingering into daylight-crippling twilight delight


intent on breaking prey

the beast is afoot, baiting; heavily armed with unpredictable body language.

safe, at a distance

summoning strategic Sun Tzu’s ancient wisdom

the way, the weather, the terrain, the leadership, the discipline

coding memories of my nightmares, my fantasies.


verklempt knight walks seven unlit blocks to doors that can’t be closed after opening.

tectonic plates shifting under pace-worn leather boots.

Paineater stills the chaos

disarms the shadows

guards the spiraling-wanderer.


J. M. Platts-Fanning

J. M. Platts-Fanning is an award-winning writer nestled within the woodlands of the wave-tousled coastline of Prince Edward Island. Recipient of a PEI Writers’ Guild2022Island Literary Poetry Award2020 Island Literary Short Story Award, the 2022 Battle Tales VII Champion and 2nd place winner in the Humans of the World 2022 Summer Poetry Challenge. Publications include, The Dalhousie Review 2024, Burningword Literary Journal 2024, Pownal Street Press’ 2023 anthology, Fiona: Prince Edward Island Accounts from Canada’s Biggest Storm, Toronto Metropolitan University’s White Wall Review 2023/03, 2022/11, The Write Launch literary magazine 2023/08, 2022/08, 2022/06, Prometheus Dreaming cultural magazine 2022/11, Artistic Warrior’s 2022 Dribbles, Drabbles and Postcards anthology, Common Ground 2020/03 and GIFt Horse anthologies Vol 1 through 5. Her plays have appeared on various theatrical stages, including her dystopian fable, “Apple Bones” performed at the 2021 PEI Community Theatre Festival, “An Answer to the Question on Death” staged at Fridays with Fringe in 2019 and “Held to the Fire” chosen for Watermark Theatre’s 2018 Play Reading Series.

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