Aidan J Hong

Leaf Bones


Aidan J Hong is a sophomore at Seoul International School in Seongnam, Korea. His passion for arts is geared towards architecture and art history. He also develops ideation on journalism, environmental concerns, archeology, and more. Aidan plans to continue pursuing his art and business interests to grow his inventiveness.

Jihu Kim

Volcanic Web


Jihu Kim is a junior at Yongsan International School of Seoul, South Korea. Her art practice began with an interest in art history. She is the founder of her school’s Art of Korea club and studies art conservation. Skilled in traditional art forms, she applies historical perspectives to her works.

Jian Kim

Silent Night 1


Jian Kim is an 11th grader student attending St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju in South Korea. She is interested in many fields, wanting to explore and inquire deeply about them and express them artistically. Also, She always tries to convey a particular message to the public. To visually convey what she wants to say, she uses various materials and creative styles instead of pursuing only one specific thing. She tries to find the best combination by that process. She creates more than just visual pleasure through art creation. She strives to develop various techniques such as pottery, painting, sculpture, and drawing.

Edie Noesser

Red Storefront


Edie Noesser is an artist based in Orange County, California working in the medium of photography. Her work explores themes of nature, urban scenes and contemporary culture. This series of photos was taken in Downtown, Santa Ana, California where Edie was interested in the traditions of festive apparel and the role it plays in the community.

Yeobin Park


Projection Blue

Shattered Reflection


Yeobin Park, a BC Collegiate sophomore and Vice-President of BCC Point of View, debuted her film “Unfinished Dream,” showcasing her skills in directing, filming, and editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. She aims to create films with bold statements and genuine human connections.

Nicholas Mayo

See Through Cross


Nicholas B. Mayo (he/him) is a poet and artist based in Philadelphia, PA. His poetry has been published by Down in the Dirt Magazine and is forthcoming from Abstract: Contemporary Expressions. His paintings have been exhibited at Swarthmore College and Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

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