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Burrdowning Press

56 pages, perfect bound

Print + eBook: $15.00

Featuring: Issue 103, published July 2022, features works of poetry, flash fiction, short nonfiction, and photography by Laurel Benjamin, Ellen Birrell, Ronda Broatch, Mary Buchinger, Roger Camp, John Cullen, Emily Davis, Lisa Delan, Lauren Endicott, James William Gardner, David Goodrum, Peter Grieco, Greg Hom, Jenny Hubbard, Rachel Laverdiere, Larena Nellies-Ortiz, Dante Novario, Dian Parker, Yasmin Phillip, Michelle Reed, Amanda L. Rioux, Jim Ross, Aaron Sandberg, Yvette Schnoeker-Shorb, Beth Spencer, Jeffrey Thompson, Patricia Walsh, Racine Watson, Richard Weaver, and Hannah Zhang.


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