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Burrdowning Press

54 pages, perfect bound

Print + eBook: $15.00

Featuring: Issue 105, published January 2023, features works of poetry, flash fiction, short nonfiction, and photography by L. Ward Abel, Evan Anders, Nancy Connors, Diana Dinverno, Melissa Goodnight, Carol Hamilton, Ditta Baron Hoeber, Tess Kelly, Robert Knox , Bernard Knudsen, Kathy Kremins, Clare Marsh, Mary McGinnis, Dawn Miller, Michelle Morouse, Larena Nellies-Ortiz, Lorrie Ness, Robert Nisbet, John Perrault, Patrick T. Reardon, Lisa Rua-Ware, Michael Salcman, Rich Spang, Joshua St. Claire, Eugene Stevenson, Pamela Wax, Ann Weil, and Evan Morgan Williams.


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