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Burrdowning Press

66 pages, perfect bound

Print + eBook: $15.00

Featuring: Issue 107, published July 2023, features works of poetry, flash fiction, short nonfiction, and photography by JC Alfier, Linda K Allison, David Blumenfeld, Rose Mary Boehm, A. Cabrera, Tetman Callis, Megan Cartwright, George Choundas, Michael Crowley, James William Gardner, Kaisha A. Girard, Jaime Greenberg, Tae Won Kim, Rebecca Klassen, Amy S. Lerman, Anne McCrady, Anna B. Moore, Donna Obeid, Terry a. O'Neal, Geon Park, Dian Parker, Sara Pirkle, Christy Prahl, Niles Reddick, Nicolas Ridley, Claire Scott, Patricia L. Scruggs, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Erika Seshadri, george l stein, Eric Fisher Stone, The Nature and Psyche Project, Scott Urquhart, Viviane Vives, Emma Wells, and Stephen Curtis Wilson.
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