Truncated Lives


Those millions who,

because of






by imagination,

were chosen,

among all people,

to be example


of inhumanity

to fellowman,



in separation,

to die.



Me and Melanin


I’m known

for the slight amount

of melanin

in my skin.

In fact

I’m proud

to have so little!

SO pale!


are the opposite

of me

and have abundance.

I hate you.

I will enslave you,

hate you,

and kill you

for the melanin

in your skin.



by Duane L Herrmann

Duane L. Herrmann, is a survivor who lived to tell, and loves the pure light of the moon – and trees. He creates from his knowledge and experience. His collections of poetry include: Ichnographical:173, Prairies of Possibilities, and Praise the King of Glory. Individual work is published in Midwest Quarterly, Little Balkans Review, Flint Hills Quarterly, Orison, Inscape and others in print and online in the US and elsewhere, in English and other languages. He received the Robert Hayden Poetry Fellowship, the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award and nominated to be Poet Laureate of Kansas.

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