i was born a year and a half after he died
a little baby boy allotted eight hours of fresh breath
a slap in the face to my mother who carried him for nine months
who would’ve given up a lifetime of breaths
to save his

they say i am made of stardust
particles from the universe, the very matter
from a now dead star forms my raggedy bones
that i carry around
and berate
and criticize
and abuse

my grandmother left her house
knowing she’d turn black and blue
when her mom found out that she crawled out the window
to give my grandfather one last kiss
before he left for the war

when i was two i jumped into a pool of water
at a party for grown ups when people were laughing
and not watching the now disturbed cold water
and some man jumped in that didn’t know me
in all of his clothes
saved my life

and it’s interesting, so interesting
to think of the boy – what’s his name?
who left me in the dark during that tough time
and how i thought my life no longer mattered
because when you think of the stardust,
the baby, the swimming pool,
my grandmother, the war,
the boy seems a bit less shiny,
don’t you think?

Monica Simon

Monica Noelle Simon is a poet, writer and marketing professional from Scranton, Pa. She is the creator of Poets of NEPA. Her writing has been published on Elite Daily, Poets of NEPA, and HelloGiggles.

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