You said

I could be anything

So I became “Me”

But then

You said

That “Me” was too




So I became

A sunflower

stretching with every fiber

of my being

toward the sky

toward the light

But you didn’t like that

You said

I set my sights too high

So I became a tortoise


relying on my complacency and

not my accountability

But you quickly grew bored of me

You said

That I took things too slow

So I became a feather

bending and waning

vulnerable to impurities


emotional cacophony


But then

You said

I was too soft

I traded hats with a thousand strangers

and nothing seemed to fit

your rules

So I became a cardboard box

With my edges fraying

And a sticker marked FRAGILE

Slapped on my left side

You put me in storage

And let me become




And when you took me out again

My sticker had fallen off

And I wasn’t FRAGILE anymore.

The edges of me started to disintegrate


I was just matter

Even though

all this time I felt like

I Didn’t.


by Piper Wood

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