I went wandering again last night

through the submerged trees

caught in a summer flood

half delighting in their watery feet


and though the forest was submerged

by some trick of the dream

my path was clear and bright

a winding sunny way through


wild flowers and buzzing bees

the occasional dragon fly

zooming through emphatically

like a winged exclamation mark


delighting in its own beauty and speed

and as I walked, I wondered

where my path was leading

the dream was not clear


at this point — colours fused into green and blue

my walking became floating

my hands became leaves

and my feet moved like branches


caught underwater

flowing in a weedy elegance

all emotion channeled into being

nothing more than a tree


in the flooded forest

filled with the dream of light in water

fulfilled by being –

no purpose, no hesitation


just gratitude and

leaves in prayer

reaching upward

touching the sun


by Seamus Brady


Seamus Brady lives and works in Dublin Ireland. Publications include Dark Mountain Journal and in an upcoming edition of the Trumpeter Magazine (Deep Ecology).

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