Exploit the Masses

Anyone who violates any of

The exclusive rights of the copyright

Owner as provided by section One-

Oh-Six through One-Twenty-Two or of the

Author as provided in section One-

Oh-Six A(a) is a low down liar.

I will see him at dawn, see him at ten

Paces. This is not Garfield’s dog, it is

Jacko’s ceramic chimp. This is genius.


While I am not prepared to call it best,

Honesty is quite a good policy.

It ranks with making the trains run on time,

With eating vegetables, with not spitting

Into the wind, or with not stepping on

Cracks, breaking backs, breaking banks, or banking

On much coming of it. So eat your soup,

Drink your tea, dot your I.  Honestly, you

Have to stop meeting me like this. I can’t


Keep hearing about your kids, your childhood,

The curl of your pubes or the squeal of your

Sex. I do not even know who you are.

Your name rung no roseys, and your poses

Are way too familiar. They are hung in

All of America’s dorm rooms.  Let’s go,

Then, you and I, our separate ways, horse

Knows the way to carry the sleigh, so ease

On down the road, oh, ease on down the road.



Jenna Jameson Says The First Thing That Comes Out Of Her Mouth Is Right.

She said at last that his penis was just

Too small and let’s go to the video

O she says o o uh ah uh er…

Pat Summerall is dead! (what’s one more voice

Not to say through the uprights or it’s in

Or time taken or now a word from


CNN says he was a dark-skinned man

Says next time on Daddy I’ve had to kill

Says last week on May I Fuck Your Daughter?

On that note may I fuck your daughter? She

Is something I hear Dandy Don chime in

And she should cook now from the makers of


The Anarchist Cookbook ISBN 1607965232

Tagged “education” on Amazon tick.bomb

How we like explosions explosioner

How ready rowdy are all my friends to

How Joe Theisman’s leg breaks time and time and

Time again small bones small and very small



You Will Go Blind

Before drinks even arrive, she howls,

Screams she’s never been much afraid of clowns

Or public speaking, even marionettes

We wake to find dangling overhead.  In her

Profile she calls bungee jumping a “passion.”

It’s bullshit. I hope there is less to life.


All I ask is a healthy respect. Order

House salad, the table wine.  Oil light red

Pull over, please. Use before use-before

Dates. More than two taps is playing with it.

It’s not a toy. This is no joke. What’s more

I don’t recall asking. Look. Time for bed.


R&D is on it, I hear, to weave

A harness and shock cord, Kevlar, snug. It allows

Freedom to move you never much had, breathes

Like boxers, supports like tighty-whiteys

Brings out the jock in you, your vertical

Infinite provided (naturally) it’s down.


Brian Cooney

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