A man came to my door

claiming witness to atrocities

committed on my behalf, but

in places I had never been.


He said I was duty bound

as a citizen beneficiary–

whether on hillsides of poppies

bodies explode, or not–

to stand behind our rightful leaders.


He offered digital images for sale,

un-enhanced, if I preferred.

If I preferred, guilty charges

made first in ancient texts

illustrated by monks, could be had–

actually his biggest seller–all certified.


I sent him away.

I alerted friends to his scam.

But, I checked local news in case;

published articles did appear,

but made no local accusations.

In fact I inferred implicit guilt.



I could not disprove any atrocities

on any dates cited

by any surrogates

killing thousands in my name.


Confused, I went to the mountains.

Heavy snow fell, drew me in,

quietly deep. I shook, although relieved.

The National Geographic

reports deprivations in deep

snow abet atrocities.

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