Dawn’s resurrecting fire
extends fingers of light,
embracing my hollow room with its grace.

Even though I’m roused by your kiss
at the rivers dark I pause.
The hunger for your touch rises with the gloom,
raw disconnected lament.

No one hears wistful sighs
as night shadows seep into cracks
of the remote, black womb of earth.

I give the wind silver tokens,
highlighting dust particles that burn
in marble chambers of my heart,
removing traces of untold passion.

Hallucination, the simplicity of your presence,
a scent on satin sheets,
imagined moments the rising sun exhausts.

[b]Summer’s demise[/b]

A calm settles over me as I stroll
through once vibrant woods.
Frost now clings to spindled fingers,
their jewels of amber and gold
ride the air like ghosts,
blending with withered blooms,
their spirits spent.

Twilight, ends smile of day.
Blood-red streaks
trace across gray sky
Beads of moonlight gather crystals reflection.
Brilliance of increscent star
teases shivering green.
The chill of the crisp breeze
seeps through me,
I shudder.

Listening to trees that groan like deformed men,
each waiting for the blanket of warmth
and dreaming of the day when they dress
in warm sunshine once more.

[b]Captive Waltz[/b]

I mourn
as unborn spirits of spring
toss restlessly in crystals wombs
I wait for the spin
at the wheel of seasons.

Gone are flowers,
debutantes in frilly ball gowns
lifting faces that charm honey bees: now eunuchs.

I tremble at the silence
of frigid landscape,
winter’s white mask,
screen of life.

The swirl of amber leaves
waltz a tired green dance,
a chilled murmur
echoes through naked trees.

New beginnings shiver
singing “Auld Lang Syne”
into the bleak hours
of winter’s piercing embrace.

by Joni Hendry (c)2001
([email]caddis11 [at] hotmail [dot] com[/email])

[b]Editor’s Note:[/b] “Captive Waltz” first appeared in Rising Star; “Summer’s demise” first appeared in Beginnings.

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