Eagles changed their migration routes across Ukraine to avoid fighting and because their habitats were likely damaged or destroyed by war, say scientists. – BBC 22/5/2024


to pick an enemy is no easy matter.

there are no half-measures,

no fair-weather enemies.

your enemy will give birth to you all over again


with a promise to never disappoint you, never fail you.

to burrow inside you deeper than any love.

not so much an ill wind

as that other hand on the tiller.


friends can be false,

enemies cannot.

even eagles change course

to avoid the pas de deux of enemies torturing the earth,


the pitted earth where no mouse or rabbit runs,

where love is either one of two things

but never both at the same time:

we wing-less creatures of binary.


Justin Lowe

Justin Lowe lives in a house called “Doug” in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, where, until recently, he edited the international poetry blog Bluepepper. His ninth collection, San Luis is due out through Puncher & Wattman in October of this year. He also has a novel doing the rounds of publishers and has also had poems set to music by bands such as The Whitlams and The Impossibles.


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