while we play about our mother’s feet

potatoes spill from their netted bag

across the countertop


knife in hand, my mother chooses a dusty one,

washes it, turns it, strips it to pale flesh


brown peels fall into the kitchen sink

with a nimble pivot of her hands


her simple red blouse is tucked into jeans

dark hair loose around her face


she smiles, cradling a large lumpy potato

as the kitchen curtains, sky-blue, flutter around her


and our father, bending to the adoration

—takes her in his arms


Shutta Crum

Shutta Crum is the recipient of 8 Royal Palm Literary Awards (FL) including for When You Get Here (gold). Her poems have appeared in journals such as Boulevard, Acumen, MER. Nominated for a Pushcart, her 3rd chapbook came out in 2023. Her books for young readers include many in verse. www.shutta.com

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