When she said that,

I think she has never tasted how a good Irish whiskey

echoes in your mouth after you swallow its heat.

Or understood the way lint can reveal the archeology of your life.

Her comment tells me she has never watched

a vivid crimson cardinal alight on the halo of a basketball hoop

in the fading light of an afternoon.

If she can say that, I’m sure she hasn’t felt the love

when the wind caresses the yew tree.

And she will be mystified by why you must throw away

the first crepe in the pan to the dog.

When it comes to believing in the curative power

of the medicine of tears, she probably doesn’t.

And if she cannot hear how the meter of the telegraphic SOS

from the Titanic can truly break your heart,

She’s just not listening hard enough.


Larry Oakner is the author of three chapbooks of poems, including Unwinding the Words (Blind Tattoo Press) SEX LOVE RELIGION (Blind Tattoo Press), and The 614th Commandment (under his pseudonym, Eleazar Baruch), along with a chapbook, The Canticles of Private Lucius Swan, (Pen & Anvil Press). Over 50 of his poems have appeared in publications such as The Ekphrastic Review, Red Eft Review, Red Wolf Press, WINK, The Oddville Press, Tricycle: Buddhist News, Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine, Lost Coast Review, The Long Island Quarterly, and many others.


Larry Oakner

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