(*For the runaway bunnies morphing into boys)

Good night you crooked little grapnel,

hanging on to possession

with the deference of a widow’s walk.

Good night to all the graphemes — back

slashes & sashaying greater thans buckling

brackets upon ballroom blitzes.

Rest easy tired tilde, till you are straightened

into an em dash — or simply

hyphenated between shut & eye.

Sleep well underscores, curly brackets

and ampersands. Asterisks notate inward

implosions as the parenthetical implies.

Brian Bruso

Brian Bruso has been putting words into various forms since just after reading Biddy and the Ducks prior to kindergarten. Those early 70’s were a blur, especially for a six-year-old. Fast forward a few decades and suddenly Brian finally has poetry worthy of submitting for publication. Since embarking on this newfound creature of submissions he has been included in several lit mags — LEVITATE, BirdHouse & Rathalla, so far.

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