This morning when I walk out to the pool

two mallard ducks, one green, one flocked in blue,

float quiet ripples, unfazed by yellow

buses’ loud brakes, vested city workers

unfolding plastic gates before they dig

up asphalt, drop sweat, cough words down below.


Watching blue duck submerge its head below,

how many headless seconds might green pool

duck spend in its head, abandoned, lone, dig

deep is overrated, I call, bounce blue,

then whisper my wisdom: Don’t let workers

interrupt your peace, your time in yellow–


streaks angling the pool’s surface, some yellow

lantana shrubs waving roots from below.

Maybe later, after sun and workers

set home, you can open our side gate, pool

our ringed fingers, guide me out in dusk blue

when ducks become airborne geese, a flocked dig


escorting sunset clouds when oranges dig

in, a film’s filter turning you yellow,

aglow, I wish I was Dorothy in blue

joining you in technicolor, below

a spotless sky, fluorescent bricks, green-pooled

lily pads inviting us over the bridge workers,


probably in sepia, raised, workers

parched from last night’s storm, if only to dig

us up here, tonight, colored like the pool

table you played pre-shift, the bar’s yellow

signs dilating eyes as we staired below

campus town street, flags waving mascot blue.


That old, loud window fan, framed by chipped blue

paint, we “bravo-ed” our install, proud workers

we sweat sleeping uncovered, smoke below

from downstairs neighbors rose muted yellow

through makeshift vents, as we let our toes dig,

then cross air, our pores, veins, freckled gene pool.


I read about blue worn by those who dig,

serve, ancient workers still lost in yellow

scene, no pool repose, no silked hands below.


Amy S. Lerman

Amy Lerman lives with her husband and very spoiled cats in the Arizona desert where she is residential English Faculty at Mesa Community College. Her chapbook, Orbital Debris (Choeofpleirn Press, 2022) won the 2022 Jonathan Holden Poetry Chapbook Contest, she has been a Pushcart nominee, and her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Box of Matches, The Madison Review, Midwest Review, Radar Poetry, Rattle, and other publications.

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