Hey Google

Search for Wordle.

Search for five-letter words that begin with s-l-o.

Search for ways for this day to begin with a win.

Search for the name of the black-feathered birds

with flaming red and yellow wings

perched outside the window

whose call vibrates the air

and shakes something loose inside you.

Search for the length of cherry blossoms blooms.

Search for meditation apps.

Search for quiet moments before

the world begins to stir.



Hey Google

Search for resources for aging parents.

Search for nourishing meals during chemo.

Search for protein shakes.

Search for your fathers will to fight.

Search for activities for people with dementia.

Search for large-print puzzle books.

Search for recognition in your mothers eyes.

Search for quick dinner ideas.

Search for shrimp scampi recipes.

Search for Medicare.

Search for bedside rails for seniors.

Search for home-health aides near you.

Search for help.

Search for a deep breath.

Search for air.

Search for more.

Search for time.

Search for more time.

Search for the strength

to      keep    searching.



Hey Google

Search for presence.

Search to connect.

Search to hold onto the love that gives these moments weight.

Search for your mother’s hand.

Search for the tender palms your tiny fingers

would get lost in as a little girl.

Search to be lost in her again.

Search for the way time has carved countless new lines

but the soft, fleshy creases of her grip

feel the same.

Search for your father’s laugh.

Search for the way it catches in his throat before rushing out,

a whisper before the roar.

Search for the sound of his laughter reverberating through the room

settling heartbeats with its joy-filled rhythms.

Search to be filled by this communion.

Search to lay down your exhaustion

and be resurrected by effortless togetherness.

This sacred togetherness.



Hey Google

Search for highly rated weighted blankets.

Search for NPR book reviews.

Search for the best time of year to plant sunflowers.

Search for garden gnomes.

Search for a season when you can tend to seeds

and watch life come into its prime.

Search for oil pastel drawing ideas.

Search for natural hair tutorials on YouTube.

Search for why fireflies flicker.

Search for bioluminescent fish.

Search for light.

Search for reminders of the world outside these walls.

Search for glimpses of yourself.

Search for tiny moments

between           searches

that are yours alone.


Search for wonder



Kimberly Goode

Kimberly Goode is a writer based in Seattle, WA. When she is not creating, she enjoys listening to the songs of birds and the sounds of rain. Her work has appeared in River Teeth, Crosscut, Dillydoun Review, and South Seattle Emerald.

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