dalia’s teaching our five-year-old son to prepare chili.

live from npr news, this is windsor johnston.

thirty years ago today, rodney king, then 25, was beaten fifty-six times by baton.

los angeles police stipulated the incident was not racially motivated.


1 red pepper

1 green pepper

1 can crushed tomato

1 yellow onion, finely brutalized


democrats suggest naming the bill to increase minimum wage “patriot pay.”

republicans say they will nullify the proposal.


½ teaspoon oregano

1 teaspoon cumin

2 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 teaspoon granulated sugar


“chocolate is our secret ingredient.”


saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman will not be penalized

for the assassination of journalist jamal khashoggi.


1 can of dark kidney beans

1 can of light kidney beans

pinch of kosher salt

pepper to taste

occasionally stir chili to prevent beans from sticking to crockpot.

cook on low for seven to eight hours.


the murder trial of derek chauvin is slated to begin march 8th.

community leaders gathered outside city hall.

“we exist at a critical pivot. injustice uproots civilization.

compassion is limited—enough warfare!

we bear the tears of dead men. man can die, and yes, brother can die.

their empathy does not extend beyond themselves.

their echo chamber glamours cancer.

to say justice is blind is correct.

judges dont consider us.


on the patio, slouched in a garden chair, i press two fingers to my lips,

exhaling, flicking air with my thumb.

eduardo, the neighbor, is perfecting saxophone—round midnightby thelonious monk.

ed is having an affair.

after dissolving a domestic dispute, thompson street is relieved that police did not murder
a member of the alejo family.

between my thighs, a hibiscus. i empty the remainder of a water bottle
into her potted soil.

dalia hollers my name, and i enter the kitchen


sgt. stacey koon, officer theodore j. briseno, officer timothy wind,

and officer laurence powell were acquitted april 29th, 1992.

king, 47, died father’s day, june 17th, 2012.

jessica biel is thirty-eight.

this is npr.


Evan Anders brews coffee for mass consumption in Philadelphia. His poems have appeared in North Dakota Quarterly, Chicago Quarterly Review, decomp journal, Michigan Quarterly Review, and elsewhere. He is a retired stay-at-home dad who thinks Bob Dylan was best in the eighties. Visit Evan online at 

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