appears among some clothes you are sorting


and the recipe you’d forgotten falls from

the pages of the cookbook you’re perusing


and the person who convinced herself

she must hate you for your differences


appears in a dream as a character to protect.

And the friendship once abandoned


is resumed, though only in spectral form,

in a familiar world you’ve never seen,


where garments are only imagined

to fit, and flavors are tasted


simply by reading ingredient lists,

but promises to cook it again


are never kept because it didn’t

taste that good in the first place.


Nancy Whitecar

Nancy Whitecar is a professional pianist and music teacher living in the Bay Area, California, who is making publication of her writing her third act. Her poetry has been published in “Stick Figure,” “Loud Coffee Press,” and “A&U Magazine,” which nominated her poem “Punch Line” for a Pushcart Prize. Her short stories have appeared in “The MacGuffin” and “Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things.” She’s listening to jazz or Beethoven at home when she’s not hiking and camping with her husband.

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