Our clock.

Do you remember?  The one we bought at the edge of the world? The shop being pulled into the ocean ? She has rounded the bend. She’s played her song.

The crickets still chirp. The moon still shines.

Outside, the world is covered in silver dust. Outside, the trees and the stones are getting colder and colder and colder.

Let’s agree that pajamas are for puritans. We are of this world. We were made to sleep with feathers. We were made for open windows. We were made to be together.

Ask the scientists. There is a temperature perfect for sleeping. It’s the temperature of you and me close enough to warm, but not close enough to burn.

Pajamas, my darling, only get in the way.


Shawn Pfunder

Shawn Pfunder is a writer, performer, and creative coach. He studied poetry and fiction at the University of Montana. He is the author of the poetry book, I Believe in a God Who Roller Skates. Shawn lives in Phoenix, Arizona with a medium-sized dog.

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