Tell me what’s so wrong with walking in

when the door is open

and nobody answers your “hullo”

and you’re tired after walking all day

in circles in some stupid wood.


The place looked like they’d run away,

food still on the table,

each bowl microwaved a different temperature,

the middle one hardly heated at all.

And it’s like two cents worth of porridge.


So I’m sorry that chair broke.

What kind of chair is so fragile

that a size zero can’t sit in it?

I said I’d buy the kid a new chair

but noooo, his chair was special

‘cause Daddy built it.


Now they’re calling me a speciesist

because of that remark about opposable thumbs.

Well, how could they have built those chairs and beds

without thumbs? And what are bears doing

with sheets and blankets when they have all that fur?

Plenty of people don’t even have a blanket.


This is a set-up; you just want to use me as an example of


I have feelings, too! But you don’t care.

None of you care that you’ve ruined my life

and I had to wipe out all my social media accounts.

I’ll have to dye my hair—my trademark!—

and build a brand all over again.

Do you have any idea

how much work that is?


Sherry Mossafer Rind

Sherry Mossafer Rind is the author of five collections of poetry and editor of two books about Airedale terriers. She has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Anhinga Press, Artist Trust, Seattle Arts Commission, and King County Arts Commission. Her most recent book is Between States of Matter from The Poetry Box Select Series, 2020.

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