To resist through nonviolence, yes—

I’ll do what the data says is wise.1

But to love is another matter:

I may wave the flag, but I am no patriot;

Is it not better to burn what they betray?


If the house is rotten, I leave it to the carpenter

To destroy or Reconstruct. I am fine with either.

Yes, nothing grows without rot—

No rich soil, no history to study and to learn—

But the illiterate draw their own lessons, wield

Their own weapons.

I have run out of words of outrage.


One day there will be monuments

To tell of this dangerous time:

What structures will the architects design?

What wild rantings will the walls inscribe?


I am no thief. All that is mine is mine.

Shall I first confiscate this epoch,

Make it mine to censure or delete? 2 3

What of the graffiti I may not find?

The encrypted hard drive I can’t erase?

The yard signs yet to decay…?


No, it would take millions to do the job.

We, redeemers of what—an idea?

Nearly half the population?


At Appomattox no treaty was signed,

For there was no truce to be had:

Democracy always teeters between deliverance

And decay…


My greatest pleasure in overcoming this trial

Would be to never have reason to relive it.


1 Robson, David. The ‘3,5% rule’: How a small minority can change the world. May 14, 2019. BBC. <>

2 Robey, Tracy. The Long History of ‘Damnatio Memoriae’ and the Destruction of Monuments.  August 16, 2019. Jezebel. <>

3 [3] Bond, Sarah. Erasing the Face of History. May 14, 2011. The New York Times. <>


Andy Posner


Andy Posner grew up in Los Angeles and earned an MA in Environmental Studies at Brown. While there, he founded Capital Good Fund, a nonprofit that provides financial services to low-income families. When not working, he enjoys reading, writing, watching documentaries, and ranting about the state of the world. He has had his poetry published in several journals, including Burningword Literary Journal (which nominated his poem ‘The Machinery of the State’ for the Pushcart Poetry Prize), Noble/Gas Quarterly, and The Esthetic Apostle.

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