it’s a question of relativity

ignorant view that there are two

split down the middle a brain’s

how and how not to see landscape

or hear a heartbeat an echo

a distraction from the other

and me thing and essence each

where are we even free

cut through the dry ochred earth

we need borders to cross

and again in almost

of work the transportation business

deficit and accrual an increase

effort of balancing side

is an abstraction rocking us

align to misalign

to the enormous

an exposure of the usual


consciousness divided

when we look outside

detect a rhyme one

by turns stroke evoke you

requiring for identity the other

to fly over this road

this line drawn in the sand

to find ourselves again

the same place this line

a kind of attention

of possible answers in the physical

by side even eye movement

from limbic to critique

a door swung wide

all we could ever ask

Alice B Fogel

Alice B Fogel is the New Hampshire poet laureate. Her collections include A Doubtful House, Interval: Poems Based on Bach’s “Goldberg Variations,” which won the Schaffner Award for Music in Literature & the 2016 NH Literary Award, & Be That Empty, a national bestseller in 2008. Strange Terrain is her guide to appreciating poetry without necessarily “getting” it. Nominated ten times for the Pushcart, she has been awarded a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, among other awards, & her poems have appeared in many journals & anthologies, including Best American Poetry, Spillway, Hotel Amerika, The Inflectionist, & DIAGRAM.

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