(mornings are for suicides)


the way we dazzle

in confrontation with reality


oblong cornered cult              in the sapped death dream


tonal physique of                    the prominent doom plume


like exposed cricks in fameless antiques

bird swarm in black-thought trees


come by clock : massive grave space

all properties of ovarian follicle and soft steel


winded legs sway like daisy stems

inhabiting concrete snares


now panhandling the rouge of creased cheekbones

pinched                                   veils of late summer



pallid                                       gall of the lily flushed sour


like the whole furloughed town

that worked at the trainyard,

was shut down,


now there is no direction out


Jes C. Kuhn

Jes C. Kuhn is the author of three volumes of poetry, ‘Thigh Gap and the Vow of Poverty’, ‘American Sundays or pulling color from dead murals to paint living mirages’ and ‘The Penny Thief Sonnets’. His poetry, creative non-fiction and blog posts have been published in Corridors, Two Hawks Quarterly and Water~Stone Review, among others. He is currently enrolled in Hamline University’s MFA-Creative Writing Program. Kuhn lives, writes and teaches in Haunted, WI.

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