a plastic water bottle

see-through debris

of an unplanned day-trip


its hollow clunk-clunk-clunk

into the recently emptied

recycling bin echoing through


the shallow chambers

of my heart—blood pulsing

into unwashed fingertips


the cheek-kiss of a too-warm

spring breeze—forewarning of

the oncoming storm


this knowing there is no right here

there can be no rights

out of all these wrong turns


what are we anyway

only ghosts living in

some future past


drifting blindly by

as Earth simmers

but persists



Anne Casey

Author of ‘where the lost things go’ (Salmon Poetry 2017), Anne Casey has worked for 25+ years as a journalist, magazine editor, media communications director and legal author. Her poetry has won/shortlisted for awards in Ireland, USA, UK, Canada and Australia; she ranks in The Irish Times Most-Read. Anne is Senior Poetry Editor of two literary journals for Swinburne University, Melbourne. Her poems feature in The Irish Times, Entropy, apt, Murmur House, Quiddity, Cordite, The Incubator, Verity La, Plumwood Mountain, The Honest Ulsterman, The Stony Thursday Book, Into The Void, Autonomy anthology and Burning House Press among others. Her second collection is forthcoming in 2019.

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