Audio from some movie playing in the next room

You wake up to the sound of it

Without remembering having it on before you fell asleep


Sound of an unfortunate sequel

In an unnecessary series of films

Rom com or dramedy or buddy cop action


It continues in the background of the morning, like wallpaper

You wonder if you can’t understand it because you didn’t see the first one


Doug McClure*’s performance is earnest but unconvincing

*You can substitute the bad actor of your choice

Should have had his lines fed to him, like Brando

Fed to him by Brando might be more effective

Feeding him to Brando might’ve been most useful

More spam than ham, though


You wonder if someone turned it on as a joke

Climbed in the window, or set it on a timer

But it doesn’t seem to matter


Its unbidden endurance fits in the wasted hours

Fills the emptiness of your thoughts

As I fill the softness of my easy chair


Technicolor lack of action clouding your eyes

Charged by the static of stasis

You cannot turn your head away

From the hours that steal you from your dreams.


by David Lawton


David Lawton is the author of Sharp Blue Stream (Three Rooms Press), and has had his work published in numerous journals and anthologies. David is a graduate of the theatre program at Boston University, where he was also a Guest Artist in the graduate play writing classes taught by Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott. For ten years he was a background vocalist in the New York underground band Leisure Class. At the band’s de facto headquarters in the Chelsea Hotel, he befriended Beat godfather Herbert Huncke and San Francisco poet Marty Matz, and was inspired by their embodiment of the written word. David also serves as an editor for greatweatherforMEDIA, and collaborates with poet Aimee Herman in the poemusic collective Hydrogen Junkbox.

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