There is something elegant
about the way the sun
kicks out over the horizon
with such agony, each morning,
and today I’ve seen
both its death and birth,
an entire lifetime
burnt away over
harsh landscapes;

everything is forgiven
when dawn pours out
over the hills—

when the first
dregs of light
skim over the treetops,
and they seem like
they are breathing.


Allison Taylor



A current poetry MFA student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Allison’s poetry has appeared in Birch Gang Review, and she has studied writing under the mentorship of Renee Ashley, H. L. Hix, and David Daniel. She earned her undergraduate degree in computer science from Gettysburg College, and when she’s not writing and reading, she spends her time working in the publishing industry, tutoring math and English, and watching science fiction movies.


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