Teach me your ways,
O’ Mistress of Mislead Mystery.
How do I cloud my own
past and present without
walking straight into a
nightmarish field of peril?
“Forget all tension
stirring in your entire being.
Do not over analyze.
For once,
do not even utter a
single syllable.
Relax, my dear, and
love will show us how.”
The celestial voice
hath spoken,
courageous cats of the cellar!
Bliss is on the other side when
Gaia’s work takes its course.
Your tantalizing heart has
the beat,
the rhythm,
the melody,
the lyrics,
like a fresh song!


Oh, my Good Goddess!
I can dance to this tune
for the rest of my life!
Care to join me in our
first waltz,
blushing pink rose girl?
Our bodies breathe in the
method of love.
What the world needs now is
Do not forget this soulgasmic word:
Can you feel it under your breath tonight?
Can you feel its prism-like presence,
floating gently towards the
candidate you have your eye on?
What the world needs now is
stable smile,
luxurious lips,
and your
voracious voice
turn this light bulb
all the way on!
Run up the electric bill and
spread this good word to
your neighbor,
your master,
your sobriety,
your nobility,
your only grain of salt,
with the word of love.
The word of love!
The game of love!
The symbol of love!
The power of love!
The song of love!
The poem of love!
The dance of love!
The kiss of love!
The touch of love!
The ever-fruitful union of love!

We don’t need a
Merriam-Webster definition!
We just need a
vow, a
promise, a
We just need a
prayer, a
miracle, and an
entrance to
love itself!
Your love holds
no limits,
no laws,
no corny justification for the
gestating cynics of Pandora’s Box.
Your love reveals
your inner mind,
your inner senses,
your inner beauty,
which matters just as much
as an external shell.
Your love is a
once in a lifetime opportunity,
an infantile flower,
a privilege and an honor to be with you.
Your love climbs
hills of hilarity,
mountains of madness,
ladders of lurking lakes,
walls of waterworks, and
dimensions of delusion.
Your love reminds me of
a siren song.
Time ceases everywhere.
Stampedes rumble and cause the
earthy vibrations that happen
between the sheets.
Your love,
like a flask of fermented grapes,
doth not disturb the sweetness
that is preserved.
Dominance preludes to guilt, but on
occasion, eludes holy fantasies.
Your love cannot replace
our brightest star,
our fretting moon,
our beast with two backs.


Your love
dries away a monsoon,
clears away a mist,
melts away a blizzard,
liquefies a wildfire, and
shakes back an earthquake.
I would live for you.
I would call upon the fates for you.
I would set the sun for you.
I would bring the moon to you.
I would balance the chances for you.
I would change my name for you.
I would marvel at stones for you.
I would cross a line for you.
I would die for you.
I would take a bullet for you.
I would tiptoe on Mt. Everest’s peak for you.
I would set the world on fire for you.
I would walk on lava for you.
I would run swiftly a thousand miles for you.
I would do that and so many other
obnoxious obstacles for:
Your heart,
your hand and word,
your commitment and blessing,
your breath on my neck.


I live in and for the
State of Euphoria.
I live for the
End of Night Terrors.
I live for the
thrill of the future.
I live for the
hard times.
I live for the
paid off minutes.
I live for
life’s next day.
I live for
tomorrow because you are there,
waking up beside me.
I live for you!
I live for!
I live!



Z.M. Wise


Z.M. Wise is a proud Chicago native, poet, co-editor and poetry activist, writing since his first steps as a child. He has been a written-word poet for almost two decades and a spoken-word poet for four years. He was selected to be a performer in the Word Around Town Tour in 2013, a Houston citywide tour. He is co-owner and co-editor of Transcendent Zero Press, an independent publishing house for poetry that produces an international quarterly journal known as Harbinger Asylum, with his dear friend and founder Dustin Pickering. The journal was nominated Best Poetry Journal in 2013 at the National Poetry Awards. He is also an Assistant Editor at Weasel Press with another dear friend, Weasel. He has published four full length books of poetry, including: ‘Take Me Back, Kingswood Clock!’ (MavLit Press), ‘The Wandering Poet’ (Transcendent Zero Press), ‘Wolf: An Epic & Other Poems’ (Weasel Press), and ‘Cuentos de Amor’ (Red Ferret Press).


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