She gave you a lot of different looks from the start. Did that throw you off? How cold it got on the final drive?

There are always variables you can’t control and sometimes things go wrong. Can’t blame the conditions, that’s for sure.

Did you get an explanation?

Some of our moves weren’t as smooth as they could be, we had communication issues and, let’s be honest, she knows how to avoid contact.

There have been some rather significant rule changes recently. You think they affected the outcome?

They were taken into account.

She suggested at one point that you were not very imaginative, like she knew just what would happen beforehand.

We try and take what they give us and make the most of it. Each night is a different challenge and, let’s give her credit, she’s tough, she can be a real force out there. In hindsight, of course, there are things you’d like to take back. Things that were sloppy, that you didn’t execute according to plan.

But the way it looked she could anticipate what you were doing before you did it. You think you’ve become too predictable?

You’ll have to ask her. We’re on to Saturday night. Anything else?

Did you feel you got unfairly penalized?

We’re not getting into that. Saturday night. One more.

Let me rephrase: she intimates there was some kind of breakdown at the end. What accounted for that?

Well, if that’s what she says. You’ll have to ask her.


Alexander Block


Since 2015 Alexander’s stories have either appeared or are forthcoming in Buffalo Almanack (recipient of its Inkslinger Award for Creative Excellence), Umbrella Factory Magazine (a 2015 Pushcart Prize nominee), New Pop Lit, DenimSkin, Per Contra, Constellations, The Bicycle Review, Lakeview International Journal of Literature and Arts, Flash Frontier, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Contrary, the Blue Bonnet Review, The Nite Writers Literary Arts Journal, and The Binnacle, the latter of which won Honorable Mention in its Twelfth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition.






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