Rock fitted silence

to its tense profile.

At night stillness shrank back

to the opaque scheme of space.


Rock wore down, weighed

by an unfathomable presence

and absorbed the ruminations

of grubby hungering men.


In the shimmer of spirit, rock

shaped portals, amphitheaters

over which now kindred stars

shone gentler and closer.


Stones nestled together

against storms of silence

arched their backs, laced a garden

grew out of wilderness


stepped into infinity

held up against the foam of impulse

on rows of burly pillars

soldiers of the crypt.


Colonnades, courtyards,

opal eye windows hid

yet sought green-hooded forest

mobbed with cunning creatures.


In dim corners where

log fires had left a glint

the unclaimed charm of

magic softened the stone.


by Stephanie V Sears


Stephanie V Sears is a French and American ethnologist, free-lance journalist, essayist and poet whose poetry recently appeared in Linq, Cha, Nimrod, Literary Orphan, Calliope, The Rufous City, Third Wednesday, Eastlit…..


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