The evening beryl blue

A wavy horizon puffing out clouds

Sanguine in her lasting coffers

My heart lies silent at the bottom

Of the jar of peace.

Ears lounge on sand,

Coarse as they may be

Toting cottony waves

And their aimless niveous roars

The wind lifts my hair

Levity sinks in the sand

A shell upturned, burnishing a golden

Corals stray awash unshapely

Yet their randomness beholds a design

Woven in the blindness of foaming waves

Warily retreating into the belly

Of the gurgling sea

I lift my chin, scan them accede

My sights lock as colors riot deep

Into my fist wet sand intrude

As my toes surrender deep

A sombre wave romances my chin warm

Then rushes to bathe my dazed soul

That time too shall come

When my ashes they douse

Harboring them in their sojourning fold.


by Sudha Srivatsan



Sudha was born and raised in India. Her work has appeared in numerous journals including Commonline Journal, Tower Journal, the Germ Magazine, Carcinogenic, Indiana Voice Journal, Bewildering Stories, Leaves of Ink, Mused Literary Review, Subterranean Blue, Corner Club press, BlazeVox among others. Her work was also selected to be part of Storm Cycle’s 2015 Best Of anthology.


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