Fragile girl; the delicate grass-blade’s dewily soft sheen

trances me, sends me into a liquid dream or reverie;

Novitius symbolum of I, the belfry, and you-

Great bell for the angelus, siphoning to my growerly

Every furrow and bone of the sphere’s celestial

stars; Belle’s water; “indicator of the reborn sun:”

The radiant pavonids of your eyes; you pull my dreams

Right from my throat, bestowing to my crown the gift;

Traumas eclipsed by divine ascendening frequencies

Of autotelically-wide, shy- blue translucent eyes,

Eyes I recognize to be just as true and soft as those

Of Hazel: sheathed in her bright robes, inscribing me

In rainbow body and jewels, dispelling samsara. Great

Mahayana vehicle; sweet recalling dreams


by Matthew Scott Bartlett

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