They give me no peace,

constantly flying over

at all hours.

Right on schedule,

with the precision

of a quartz timepiece.


The drone unmistakable,

they buzz by,

far too small

and too low

for commercial aircraft,

yet unassuming enough

for covert military intelligence.

Manned or unmanned, it

makes no difference, as

my house sits outside

any published flight plans.

This much I know.


That leaves me

as their sole purpose

for being HERE,

their target.

It leaves me,

also, the only one bothered.

Hell, the only one

to even acknowledge

the strangeness of

their presence.


But like everything else,

what can I do?


Absolutely nothing.

So as always,

I grit my teeth,

force a smile,

and pretend I

don’t notice.


It’s harder than it looks.


by Matthew Armagost

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