Trying out for the Senior Class Play’s

romantic lead opposite my girl but coming in second

to the ever-popular handsome hunky Everett

then having to watch him romancing her

on-stage from backstage for weeks.


Waiting for my wife in this busy hair salon

with all the clipping, combing, coiffing

and fussing with hair length, color, body . . .

with the incessant small talk all these people wasting

so much time it’s hair for crying out loud!


As a youngster he was an altar boy

carrying the cross or The Holy Book

to the altar, his face stern with religiosity.

Today he’s in the ICU waiting for the doctors

to decide if he should stay there or go to hospice.


by Michael Estabrook


Retired now working around the yard and writing more poems or trying to anyhow. Noticed 2 Cooper’s hawks staked out in our yard or above it I should say explains the disappearing chipmunks.

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