Conquests illuminate weaknesses


Conquests illuminate weaknesses
As pastels set off primaries
We are all relative to primates and colors
Tripping strapped to the desk
Eclipsed by ourselves
Hidden beneath the surface
Unknown unborn
Irrational suppositions on existence
Keep us occupied
While we wait for the real moments
Of transcendence and transformation
Into something worthwhile
Opinioned to be
The next


The Night Lou Reed Died


The night Lou Reed died
Every bar in the city
The big borough city
Played the poet
Who encapsulated
What drove us down to town
Took us back into our lives
And captured what needed encapsulation anticipation
Dreams to live to die by
Sometimes shuddering our way home
Whilst we tried to recall our listless motivations
To get our asses out of lost towns
And onto the bridges that always smiled at us
While we waited for acceptance or acknowledgement
Something that made the beat worth defending
The cripples chalice-sing
Past sifted by the moment


by Josef Krebs


Josef Krebs’ poetry appears in Agenda, Bicycle Review, Calliope, Mouse Tales Press, The Corner Club Press, The FictionWeek Literary Review, and Burningword Literary Journal. A short story has been published by blazeVOX and a chapbook of his poems will be published soon by Etched Press. He’s written three novels, five screenplays, and a book of poetry. His film was successfully screened at Santa Cruz and Short Film Corner of Cannes film festivals. The past seven years He’s been working as a freelance writer for Sound&Vision magazine having previously worked at the magazine for 15 years as a staff writer and editor.

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