A morbid fear of guns

whose array of co-morbidities



suppressed rage

post-traumatic stress disorder

delusional disorder

and panic disorder


this complex specific phobia


and avoidance


and transference


Or how else do hoplophobiacs

get from point A

to point B


without a gun permit


with a gun

without a firing mechanism

and without bullets


and the hallowed halls of Congress

clogged with lead?


by Patrick Theron Erickson


Patrick, a resident of Garland, Texas, a Tree City just south of Duck Creek, is a retired parish pastor put out to pasture himself, a former shepherd of sheep, a small flock with no sheep dog and no hang-dog expression. Secretariat is his mentor, though he has never been an achiever and has never gained on the competition. He resonates to a friend’s definition of change; though a bit dated with the advent of wi fi, it has the ring of truth to it: change coming at us a lot faster because you can punch a whole lot more, a whole lot faster down digital broadband “glass” fiber than an old copper co-axial landline cable. Of late Patrick’s work has appeared in Poetry Pacific; Red Fez; SubtleTea; The Oddville Press; Literary Juice; Poetry Quarterly; and will appear in the Fall 2015 issue of The Penwood Review.

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