Experiment in Weightlessness


Upside down fishbowl


right side up

tablecloths like spiraling


brown lace-up shoe

a woman’s

random receipts brochures

sticky notes

last year’s desk calendar

curling uncurling

a glowing suspended instant

strangers on the ledge

faces averted

unwilling to witness

the tragedy of

scorched birds in flight.



The Power


I plant thoughts in your head,

walk a mile in your shoes

and leave you to wonder

where all that sand came from.


You once accused me of being

all talk and no action,

but you would tremble with fear

if you could see me now.


Magic dances on my fingertips,

sparks crackle in my hair.


I cook my meals these days

without ever going near the stove.

I just sear chunks of flesh

with the heat of my regard.



By Jeffrey Park

Jeffrey Park’s poetry has appeared most recently in Star*Line, phantom kangaroo, Mad Swirl, and Danse Macabre. A native of Baltimore, Jeffrey currently lives in Goettingen, Germany, where he is lecturer for Scientific English at the Georg-August-Univeritaet. Links to all of his published work can be found at www.scribbles-and-dribbles.com.

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