red drop

blur down

hover first, then

rush with helicopter

sound on mute, between

a Monday and the lavender

bush, aligned aside a

moment you forgot to even

notice; still, on wings, it

seems to rise in up and

down motion, the hope of each

becoming squeezed inside

the beat of wings, a

quantum fine that lasts for

you a glance or two but

for the hummingbird

a lifetime.


by K.C. Bryce Fitzgerald


K.C. Bryce Fitzgerald has been writing stories since he learned to read. A native of Los Angeles, he is inspired by the daily truths of the world around him. In addition to moonlighting as a bartender, he is an avid writer and filmmaker whose production company C4 Films specializes in visually groundbreaking, character-driven storytelling. He has had several screenplays featured on Hollywood’s prestigious Black List and was recently the featured author in Burningwood Literary Journal. When not sending rich producers and literary agents gift baskets, he is hard at work perfecting his craft. He has currently written numerous short stories, two books of poetry, a debut novel, and many screenplays.

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