My clockwork sparrow is caged in bars of fear.

Its song is lonely, but it’s so clear.

My wooden rose was planted in a pot of glass.

It grows root bound, as time begins to pass.

A bronze sun blazes free to be who it wants to be

A moon trapped in its orbit, fails to see what the sun can see

She smiles so brightly, but so alone

As stars fall, only we believe what is known

It’s hard to fly, but it’s hard to fall

So we glide until we lose it all

We forget the sun and clouds on our crown

We forget the freedom of tumbling down

We simply wait to live

While we have nothing to give

We slowly wither away

With nothing good to say

Let the clockwork dolls fill with life

Let them escape this world of strife

Let them shake off the rust and age

Let the rose grow and the sparrow out of the cage.



by Stormy Headley


Stormy Headley is a young and fresh writer working toward her bachelor’s degree in creative writing at SNHU. She thrives in her poetry, short stories, and novellas, and carries her own style in her work. She’s excited to share her creative worlds with those who are willing to read.

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