The Gypsy


Green solar plexus envious

fastidious and plagued in dis-ease



bikes to ride past your house

eye balls on springs and wide open



glued hairs in scrapbook

voodooed photographs and bottled tears



grimaced grew cats teeth and whiskers

grew a warm layer of fur



scratched you+me on my bedpost

and voodooed that too



stole ten dollars from the grocer

stole ten persimmons and thirteen oranges



sold persimmons and oranges on the bridge

sold collages of voodooed photographs



sold tears as divinity potions

glittered the cement with golddust



grinned despite green chakras

and hid envy underneath my shawl.


by Jennifer Wesle



portrait of the lady in a big blue hat


so this squishy underbelly fleshy tender

pescanoce-nectarine tummy

your pink-white fruit


dangle gently


with the movements of limbs

arms    like snake trees

long limbs

fine form         of genetics

praises and salutations

to grandparents with good family planning

generations of high cheekbones

thick shiny hair

straight legs

& fine noses


like thoroughbred

you are agile and conditioned

high strung

high society

with hat (bridle)

hanging precariously

tipped over one dainty ear

you careened

on heels of crocodiles

on carpeted boulevards

into studio

out of navy blue diane furstenberg

you undressed

splashed onto canvass

and became




by Jennifer Wesle


Jennifer Wesle is a Canadian writer/artist/musician. She is working on a poetry manuscript and studying English and Psychology. She leads a semi-nomadic life and is currently living, finding inspiration, learning Italian and eating in Italy.

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