Getting to know you


How do you feel about thunderstorms?

I realize I have no idea how you’d answer.

My cheeks burn;

the thunder cracks;

it must be a sign.

I miss a lover I don’t know

and the thunder is judging me.


Have you ever

tried to write a poem

and the poem won’t write

but its lines keep insisting themselves to you?

I’m being silly.

It’s storming and I’m blushing and

I don’t know you

but I know you don’t write.

The thunder snorts

and the poem about you keeps insisting itself to me.



when you kissed me,

did your fingertips

feel like lightning?


i guess that was

just me.



Shame on you for making me feel something.

Shame on me for thinking it meant something.



how do you feel about thunderstorms

and relationships that won’t go anywhere


and me?

The thunder is crackling now,

cackling now,

but I don’t think it’s laughing at us.

by Daniele Walker


October sixteenth


The world in which I am living

is not the world in which I woke up

this morning,

because you are not in it.

The world is not the same,

and I didn’t even get to say goodbye

to it

or to you.

This kind of sadness is how I imagine drowning like you did.

And I wonder if it hurt.

And I wonder if you were afraid.

And I wonder


you knew

what was coming.

And I wonder if you knew that I loved you.


by Daniele Walker

Daniele DeAngelis Walker is twenty-three years young, but her soul feels much older. An avid lover of colors and words, she graduated from Drew University with specialized honors in creative writing. She works in the publishing industry and lives in New Jersey with the fiancée she never thought she’d have.

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