ju·ve·nes·cence ˌjo͞ovəˈnesəns/noun: juvenescence

The state or period of being young.


Hours unrequited in coils round the orb

Fled skins ride slip shod over freshly mown lawns

A hiccup, a sneeze, a tongue clipped by the shut door

Beyond reach of recovery in the suburban predawn

Bottle fed hours a morning worm tried down throats

Hands and often mouths washed out with soap

Saturday morning, rug burns, quest for the lost remote

Fatherless but not unwilling to cope


Nestling the soft belly asleep in the garden weeds

Sprung from the rain dark soil in beds

Wild and abundant fury of split seeds

To roost and rabble rouse to apprehend

Inspires ancient capillaries to shine out blue

Or purple abloom with new bruises



by Tina Garvin

Tina is currently completing her BFA at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago. Her poetry has most recently been published in Blueline Literary Journal and Shoe Music Press.

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