Bad reviews and criticism at every turn

But it catches on, and it’s repeated

Because it’s good, and it creates desire.


And we never noticed our congeniality

Answering what we looked up to

Along with any semblance of uniqueness.


Nurturing our urges, inspiring our dreams,

No, it’s not original, should it matter

Now that we have embraced it?


Making us love it, and imitate it

Masking our truest intentions

Milking the creativity we used to have as kids.


Asking us to believe what ever

Average people love and sing and read

Accepting without questioning motives.


Not realizing that we have power though

Nothing allows us to become self-aware

Never understanding that we write the books.


by Saul Blair


Saul Blair is a student that recently graduated (2014) from Lee College in Baytown, Texas, with four A.A.’s in Literature, Humanities, Social Science, and Liberal Arts. He is an aspiring poet who has written academic papers that have been accepted and presented in Utah, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. as well as outside the U.S.A. in Wales, Romania, Spain, Sri Lanka, and China. He will be enrolling at the University of Houston in the fall of 2014.

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