Absinthe Dream


You share with me a bottle of special absinthe

I drink a sip

(Of that special substance!)

I feel the world slip.


The bottle clatters on the floor,

The glass window behind me shatters a thousand score,

And all of my reality is reduced to shredded tatters,

As I see the ashes fall,

As I hear the howling wind call

From a black void that swallows us both-


-in a pitch-black stasis

Where we can stare

At each other’s faces-


I hear you breathe,

I hear your heart beat,

As we embrace,

As we kiss,

As we touch,

As we feel our warm bodies together

In this cold realm where time has stopped,

Where deadlines, obligations, stress, rivalry, anxiety, and uncertainty,

Are nowhere to be found.


But if this moment ends,

I will wake up,

From dreaming,

Broken and screaming,

Falling and crying

And burning and dying

In a cacophony of fire

Raging out of the broken rubble in a twisted spire

That will consume you and me

In a black, lifeless, and torrent-ridden sea.



A Viking Eulogy


I will not let her name be forgotten

In a field of whimpers and whispers,

Nor will I let her memory dissipate

Into nothingness as I grow bitter and senile,

And I will not let her be confined

To a rotting obituary page

That flatly states that she died in a mess of metal and gravel.


I will give her a Viking Eulogy,


The story will say she had healing hands

To soothe a troubled soul,

And her soft voice would lift hearts,

And put a poor creature’s fear to rest,

And her hugs were tight and filled with love,

To anyone who held her dear in regard.

She was a Priestess of Peace.


I will give her a Viking Eulogy,


I was a lost man

Until she found me

Sitting on a stone bench.

I told her I was a broken piece

And she fixed me up for a day,

She told me to forget about the person

Who broke me, and I did.


She will have her Viking Eulogy,


I will not let her be forgotten by the ravages of time

Because her grave stone will break down from disuse

A thousand years from now.


I will sing of her Viking Eulogy.


by Kristopher Miller


Kristopher Miller has been published in Sifting Sands, Tenth Street Miscellany, Down in the Dirt, and others. He is also the self-published author of The Maze’s Amulet, an urban fantasy novella and the poetry anthology Poisoned Romance; both these books are available digitally on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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