He took his car and swerved


the side of the mountain,

up the side of the mountain, overlooking

the valley of trees, miles of green and farther away, the city.

He drove fast and we screamed joy. No music. Just the wind, high-pitched, shrieking, racing with us around bends, curves, inclines.

You flew.



Winged horses


Fell from the sky.

Long before crumpled metal and flames, they were fire, lava furies taunting the darkness with their light. Solar flares against the twilight universe.

She screamed when the blue-clothed messengers came. Inaudible sounds.

Molten feathers cannot achieve flight.

Porcelain seemed wrong to contain you

so I took handfuls and threw them into the pale blue from an incredible height

and watched grave dust line pristine clouds

until the invisible gathered it

and took you away.


Azure Arther


Originally from Flint, Michigan, Azure Arther learned early to deal with economic struggle by manipulating her experiences into fodder for her creative fire. Now a resident of Texas, and a grad student at the University of Texas, she placed second in the graduate level of the 2013-14 TACWT contest. She has been writing since she was five-years-old, and laughs at her first ten-line story, which was about three puppies.

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