Today was hot and sticky in the way
only august could be, and as I cut cilantro and strawberries
I thought of how plants only flourish when you take care of them,
and that the halves of strawberries look like hearts
when laid side by side

I’m sorry that my grandma taught me how to
be patient at a young age,
and in retaliation I became reckless with
everyone around me.

So please know that I never meant to push you away,
I only wanted to see how far I could run before you chased after me.

I’m sorry that my mother trained me how to
be passive-aggressive
by always getting her way without ever asking for it.

So please, don’t be upset when I can’t make a decision,
because we both know that I’ll chose you every damn time.

I’m sorry that my dad was never around,
and let me down more times than I can count on my fingers & toes,
a contorted game of Pick-Up-Sticks,

So please, bear with me as I try to make our time count,
Tallying up every moment your lips touch mine

If the wrinkles in my sheets were the miles between us,
I’d pull them until they lay flat, bringing you a little bit closer
and wishing for the thousandth time tonight that it was you
in the space in between my
and the heat between my


Tatiana Goodman

Tatiana is a student on the west coast with a love of travel. She is beginning the study of psychology.

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