Green Lion Devouring the Sun


Once again Z.’s following in the tracks of dad. Unlike Z. dad hasn’t
escaped the ravages of time—save for the new legs that he’s using to
snowboard through the streets. “Where’d you get those?” Z. asks.
“Don’t know, but the powder’s fantastic!”


Come to think of it: Z. wakes in a fetal position


After breakfast Z. curls up with Strindberg. All this vitriol
and dross for the taking

Rage, Rage


Night. A little wine is spilled. The age-old drama is reenacted
not far from the church steps


August and Pelagia drag out the usual knives and scrapers
and work on each other until they’re nothing but a lattice
of bone and the foul shop


The next morning they look somewhat refreshed. He tries
to cozy up. Put a good spin on things

“Leave it alone,” she says. “You can’t be evil 5 of 7 days
and nice on 2”

“But you said you were evil all 7”

“Your evil is worse”

Rex Swihart

R L Swihart currently lives in Long Beach, CA, and teaches secondary school mathematics in Los Angeles. His poems have appeared in various online and print journals, including Right Hand Pointing, 1110, decomP, Posit, and Lunch Ticket. His first collection of poems, The Last Man, was published in 2012 by Desperanto Press.

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