The Western Hemisphere is asleep

with one great eye cocked open


fastened to the burning stars that used

to guide women and men to their future


and at first glance one may mistake

it for dead and not be far wrong


the body collapsed in front of a barren

library huddled under incalculable layers


of coarse blankets and buffalo hides, with

one prehistoric hand trust bravely forth


clutching an ash stick that looks more

suited for fertility rituals than walking


a cigar burns incongruously out the

side of the fertile mouth with lips


that bloom like wild mustard through concrete

and just to the north the obscene mustache


cured by the smoke and in danger of

catching fire itself or disappearing


and the beard, a dangerous whirl of knotted

wool and shadows is littered with objects


gathered off the street, flecks of leaves

and black earth, dried and brittle remains


of lottery tickets, chards of shell and bone

pages torn ruefully from literary magazines


some still smoldering as if recently issued

from a smoke stack, and if you look deeper


an underground canopy teeming with dark

insectile faces, a cosmos of imaginary life


and death, ten thousand years of tearful

wondering, bald eagle feathers, discarded


rattlesnake skins petrified by the vacuous

terror and loneliness in the one good eye.


by Stephen Moore


Steve Moore formally studied theoretical physics and abstract mathematics but now has no time for such nonsense. Since college, he has wandered restlessly about North America and Europe, and has lived in such disreputable places as Liverpool, England; Carrboro, North Carolina and most recently Carrollton, Georgia where he currently resides with his family. He is a now full-time student of urban planning and father of two precocious kids. His free time is spent working on his poetry, short fiction and long unfinished novel. His poem, ‘Love in the Time of Vinyl Siding’ was recently published in the 2013 edition of Eclectic, the Arts and Literary Magazine of the University of West Georgia. His short story, ‘Incident at Oscuro’, appeared in The Fabulist’s 2010 anthology, and his poem, ‘The Bride’, was one of the winning entries in the 2009 Cardiff Academy International Poetry Contest.


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