One of the beasts

Of my existence

Has been cowardice

A disease

I consider it as such

Though it can be cured

But the procedure

Can be too much

For the man inflicted

And the necessary

Moves to make

To rise atop

Higher than you have ever stood

And the changes

Needed being made

The mirror can appear

As a shallow grave

But burying yourself into it

May be the only way

And face the face

That has continually ran astray

From the moments

Where you were needed most

By the people who have given you

Silos of love

And vast fields of trust

So I am finished

With this curse I have set

Upon myself

This will all be undone

And I will stand taller

Then any mountain to ascend

I am the answer

To bringing this way of life

To a fatal end

Face to face

I stare into my eyes

And strive for forgiveness

To myself

And all the lies

The reasons I have justified

To get fast on my feet

And run and hide

The man I see

Knows just what he has done

And will do whatever is possible

To keep all of that

In my rearview

Having faith that the road ahead

Drives a man who stands

And never lets this coward

Act in the same way again


by Justin Peterson  

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