The world has found
New Jersey, the
new entertainment capital.
like an ant farm on a glucose high, now,
we crawl, we build, we eat each
other, we carry the dead, we swarm the
living, and we sit in your living
room, while getting picked apart,
and give joy to those viewing-that life can always
hit a new low.
they understand that when fate gives them
the dagger, at least it didn’t come
in coconut oil.
usually when the networks
come and the advertisers pay,
those on the other end- providing the
laughs and memorable quotes, are the ones
with the last laugh, that the spectators
and the tourists are the fools
for tuning in.
but like the bad end of a casino game,
it seems the joke
is on us.
and even though
our pizza
is better
I’m pretty sure
the masses are right.
and for the first time
in all history
the masses are right for the right reason,
and i’m not invited to the
victory party.

by Scott Laudati

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