I’d Rather Die

Enrique Ponce had been hit by the first bull, a blood-stained, white bandage wrapped tight around his right thigh, his awkward short steps placing despairing lights in his eyes.  There was a white tear in his pants over his left hip and red patches smeared over his legs.  “I’m going back out there,” he had told them in the infirmary.  “Are you sure about this?” he was asked.  “Of course!”  So he was limping towards his second bull, each step like being barefoot on boiling sand, the crowd roaring with admiration.  You’re mine, bull, Ponce thought.  One horn can’t stop me.  I’d rather die than be stopped by one horn.  And the ring blurred, the sharpening bull now exquisitely in focus, man and bull uniting, the sword protruding out of the bull’s back, its legs folding, bucket-load spurts of stringy red shooting from its mouth, Ponce collapsing, the crowd roaring, men running to pick Ponce up, carrying him to the infirmary, Ponce wincing: “Now you can plug up the holes.”

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